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Construction Litigation

Mr. Hasson recognizes that every construction project is unique, and each one should have a specific legal strategy. Mr. Hasson will work with you to create that legal strategy, and he will help you create a plan that protects your interests.  

In the construction industry, conflict is inevitable due to the complexities of today’s projects, both public and private.  Conflicts can result from many different factors, including problems with construction contracts, cost overruns, design flaws, mistakes by other contractors or budget disputes.  For nearly thirty (30) years, Mr. Hasson has represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers in numerous complex, construction related disputes. 


In the event of a dispute, Mr. Hasson will strongly represent our clients in a variety of venues, including matters in arbitration, mediation, the Board of Claims and claims in state and federal courts.  He will not hesitate to bring a matter to litigation if aggressive action offers the greatest chance of success. 

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